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Fire Risk Assessment


Raising the standard for fire safety in the UK.

The world of fire safety and engineering practices is evolving rapidly, and we’re leading the charge towards a safer, more sustainable future. Integrating complex design with protection measures, we’re creating a world that’s more resilient, better prepared, capable of facing the challenges of tomorrow. Our goal is simple: to help create a world where fires are no longer a threat to life or property.
Join us as we pave the way towards a safer, more secure future for all.

What We Do

Fire Strategies

Looking for assistance with designing fire strategies? Seeking a retrospective fire strategy for your existing building? Your search ends here with Black Mountain Fire Consultants, dedicated to excellence. We specialize in providing practical solutions and delivering concise, comprehensive reports tailored to the individual client and property characteristics. 

Fire Engineering

Black Mountain Fire Consultants rise to the challenges posed by all types of buildings and structures.  identifying potential risks at the pre-planning phase. 

Our team of experienced fire engineers possesses a wealth of knowledge in handling large and intricate projects,  overcoming design and compliance-related obstacles we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Our services extend from the review of early concepts to the creation of detailed fire strategy documentation. Trust us to ensure that your project adheres to the highest standards of fire safety and compliance, providing a secure and protected environment for all occupants involved. 

In case the standard practice falls short of delivering the optimal design for your building, rest assured that our team specialize in providing bespoke fire-engineered solutions.

Fire Risk Assesments

Looking to safeguard your property and assets against the looming threat of fire hazards? Your search for reliable solutions ends with the dedicated team at Black Mountain Fire Consultants! With a wealth of expertise and knowledge, our seasoned professionals specialise in delivering comprehensive and meticulous fire risk assessments that safeguard your premises against the devastating effects of fire. Trust in our extensive experience to ensure the safety of your property and it’s occupents, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Fire Safety Training

Protect yourself, and your property with our comprehensive fire safety training! Our expert instructors will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to identify and prevent potential fire hazards, and respond quickly and confidently in the event of an emergency. Don’t wait until it’s too late – book your spot now and take the first step towards ensuring a safer future for yourself and those around you.

Fire Suppression

Automatic sprinkler systems represent the most efficacious means of promptly suppressing or extinguishing fires prior to the arrival of fire service personnel. 

These systems play a paramount role in preserving human lives and minimizing injuries, while also affording protection to firefighters engaged in emergency response operations. Additionally, automatic sprinkler systems significantly curtail the extent of damage inflicted upon properties and the environment by swiftly mitigating fire outbreaks.

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Geraint Morgan MIFSM

CEO & Founder

Our Clients

Leading the Charge with us against Fire Prevention

Our Accreditations

Our extensive list of industry accreditations, acquired over 20+ years, ensures your safety is our top priority.

Our Reviews

Black Mountain Fire Consultants have undertaken a number of Fire Sprinkler installations for our clients, Geraint and the team are very professional, have a very good understanding of sprinkler systems and Legislation and are able to explain to the customer the requirements of the system, answer any questions they have in detail.
During the installation process the the team strive for perfection, ensure the site is clean and tidy before they leave and ensure they hold our values and reputation in the highest regard. Highly Recommended.
Emyr Bowyer
RBE Construction Ltd
I recently had Black Mountain Fire install a heat alarm in my kitchen, and I am very impressed with their service. The technician arrived on time and worked efficiently to install the alarm without disrupting my day. They even went above and beyond by giving me advice on fire safety in my kitchen and showing me how to use the alarm properly.

I highly recommend Black Mountain Fire for anyone looking for a reliable and professional fire safety company.
Mark Sommers

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